Thursday, January 29, 2009

I am all ALONE in my house!

I can't remember the last time this happened.
My wonderful grandparents wanted the kids to come over..& wondered if I minded if they come pick them up? Are you serious? Take Them! Nanny wants me to use this time to clean my house(which I should start doing) but HELLO computer time!

You know I thought by this stage in her game Hallie(almost 15 months) would be sleeping through the the night. I swear a year ago when she was alot smaller we were getting way more sleep than this! She is so different from Brinley-Kate its crazy.If Brin ever wakes up during the night she gets in the bed with us and goes right back to sleep.Soo not the case with her younger sister. Hal either sleeps all night or is up all night no in between for this lil mama!Starting in November she got a cold followed by a stomach bug,cold,ear infection,cold etc.... And has literally slept allnight a couple a nights since then. She wakes up during the night & screams for several hours which this causes me and Scotty to be ill with each other & be insanely tired the next day. I thought by this time me staying at home with them I was gonna get so much cleaning done,be organized, have meals planned out for the week you know have my shit together being the domestic diva I dream of being. Turns out I'm a unorganized, exhausted mess.

Tuesday night I went to hear Sherri Burgess(being the Rick&Bubba fanaticI am) speak at my church it was such a wonderful time of worship,1400 women! Oh how God's anointing was on that place! I'll post some new pics on the next post.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Figured I'd Jump On The Bandwagon....

Well I have a Facebook,Myspace so why not have a Blog too?!? I need somebody to rant & rave too and since my darling husband is never at home between work and school (he's not too talkative anyway) and I can' t carry on a phone conversation anymore because kids are screaming in the background! Anywho, me and Scotty have been married for a little over 3 years and in that short time we have managed to have 2 girls Brinley Kate and Hallie (pronounced like Halle Berry). I stay at home with them while Scotty is a Safety Engineer at U.S. Steel and is going back to school AGAIN for Electrical Engineering or maybe Civil..I can't keep up! Here are some recent pics of my wild women!