Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'm bacccck

Yes, I know. I've been away awhile... I just haven't slowed down enough to blog. I'll tell ya it's been pure craziness around here!

Let me start here: Back in the summer when the economy was tanking and Scotty thought he might lose his job he applied for a job in Calvert,Al (sort of north of mobile).Well, it was months before he heard anything... Then he went down there to interview. It was another long while before he received an offer it was pretty much the same as he makes now. Which did NOT make me want me leave babysitters and everything I know. So..he countered it and a month & a half later (right before Christmas)went by till he heard they countered back with a little less than that and he accepted.

When he first got serious about wanting to take this job I couldn't talk about it without bursting into tears. I finally got past that but now I just think I must have lost my mind to leave all my babysitters behind! It's a weird,scary and exciting feeling since I've never left the 35062 zipcode.

So.. since after Christmas we have been cleaning out our house, painting, new tile,hardwood floors,calling preschools down south etc...... It finally went on the market last Friday, we moved Scotty in Saturday in Spanish Fort and we had our first showing on the house today!

Oh yeah I forgot to mention about that..... Scotty moved down Saturday but I wanted B.K to finish school & dance here so he went on down without us. He has to go to Germany for 6wks starting on May 3rd so we might as well wait till the summer to move in! But living without a hubby for like 7 months might get a little old.......