Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Baby Showered Out

BrinleyKate & my first baby.. Sweet Dylan

Ring Around the Rosies at yet another Baby Shower!

She wants to touch the baby too!

Miss Alyssa's gonna be a big sister! If only her daddy were here to see his beautiful girls!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Baby Showers & Birthday Partis

Well the weekend went a little different than planned...
Scotty skipped the house project Saturday morning to sleep in till 9 which he never does (and I'm sure he's really glad he did now!)
Me & the girls had yet another baby shower Saturday(thank the Lord no red punch at this one!)

Did I mention our big flat screen TV totally died a few wks ago? So we went all over the place looking for a part to fix it Saturday night & ended up at the Galleria RadioShack..And of course we had no stroller in the back. But he worked out good we went there,got something to eat, rode the carousel and that was probably the perfect time length at the mall for the kids!

After we got home we were all in our bed trying to get the girls to sleep when Scotty's phone rang! There was a major fire at work and he had to go investigate! He was gone till 5 o'clock Sunday! My poor hubby :(

On Sunday we celebrated my Great-Grandmother's 91st B'day!

And it was Miss MaKenna's 1st B'day!

And as you can see my family is having a long string of girls at the moment!
The Sixth girl in a row is on her way! Me and my cousins (and my aunt!) all have little girls close in age!

And....I hafta rant about this though. I know my family has ALOT of smokers but if your gonna do it please back away from me & my children! Don't try to help my kid tie her shoe with a cig hanging from your mouth!!It smells awful, gives me a headache ,and its really bad for all of us!!!
You know were just a bunch of classy Folks........

Friday, March 13, 2009

I haven't done a post all week so here' s a recap last Saturday we spent the day at Scotty's parent's new place on Smith Lake watching the guys build a deck. Brinley Kate even got to ride on the boat with her Uncle Chris and Heather too bad she didn't like it. Sundays are usually always an adventure! There made to be a day of rest but that's usually anything but what they are. I think the devil's always working on you when your getting ready for church for example making sure a spill always happens and everybody's running late.
So last Sunday we didn't make it to Sunday School but we were early for worship after that we went & did our usual where we usually order off the $ menu @ Wendy's but we spurlged for a change & got combos. Scotty didn't realize his b-ball game was at 1:30 so he totally couldn't make that since we didn't get out of church till almost 1:00 (we had a holy ghost party!) On the way home BK informed us she spilled her sprite on her and she was pretty much soaked! Since we had a baby shower to go to I just threw her smocked dress in the dryer a few & it dried right up that's when I noticed there was a button missing off Hallie's dress..... so she changed into another smocked dress & off we went!
We got to the shower finally! Where of course they were serving red punch?!? So I sent BK off in the room where her Granna was opening the gifts while me & Hallie girl were looking at what she got. Then I heard "That's just too big of a cup for such a tiny little girl" ohhh No! Yep she had done it...spilt red punch all down her new poodle smocked dress! But there is good new..It came out!
I'm sure this weekend will be fun as well since were working on a baby shower Saturday & two b'day parties Sunday. I was suppose to go tear down a wall on a house at 8am in the morning with our SS class but Scotty's gonna go without me since we don't have sitters & I have a baby shower. I want a restful weekend!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Giving Props to my homeboy

Ya'll just gotta hear this guy on YouTube its under Macho Sauce Production.I tried to put one of the video's on here but couldn't get it to work. He's had my attention for a good while now and he's right up my little alley.

(Switch up)
So I used power tools yesterday by myself home alone with no hubby and I got some things done that my Ohh so procrastinator husband would never have gotten around to doing!

On another note (Sorry for my randomness)It's about to drive me plum crazy that I can't find the matching Strasburg shoe of Hallie's! Momma's out there you know these aren't cheap and I've tried to be calm and patient about the finding process but it's officially ticked me off!

And........ me and the girls STILL have the sniffles I mean after a week now were tired of it all of us. Our friends had their baby and we haven't been able to go see the little guy it just STINKS!
But.... Scotty took off Friday and Saturday & I'm pretty pumped. I think I even talked him into going with me to Cottontails Friday (he's doesn't know what he has gotten into) but I thought he could handle the pictures with the easter bunny while I'm shopping (yeah right).But anywhoooo I can at least take the double stroller to hold everything I've bought!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I found this Disturbing

Yesss I know rappers never usually stand for anything good or anyone famous in general but......
I've always gave the shadow of the doubt for them I guess my excuse for sometimes I can't help but turn on a lil' rap mood???

Anyway.... this was on my webpage welcome screen found& it disturbing!I'm gonna hafta go to to find out more on this! I don't think anything good comes out of Chicage but that's just me!

Snoop Dogg appears at Nation of Islam convention
Published: 3/1/09, 8:25 PM EDTROSEMONT, Ill. (AP) - Snoop Dogg is among several rappers attending the Nation of Islam's annual convention in a Chicago suburb.
Wearing sunglasses, a dark suit and a tie, Snoop spoke briefly in front of thousands on Sunday and praised the Chicago-based movement's Minister Louis Farrakhan.
Farrakhan has long held relationships with rappers and hip-hop artists. Snoop, whose real name is Calvin Broadus, called himself the leader of the "hip-hop community" and says he'll always seek out the minister.
Snoop gave a $1,000 donation to the Nation of Islam, then sat on stage as Farrakhan spoke for more than three hours. Rapper Doug E. Fresh also attended but didn't speak publicly.

Ohhh Snoop Dogg what you could have done what that $1000 dollars for the good!!!! This news came to me just after Friday I heard he was headlining the Crawfish Boil this year! I am ashamed to admit I thought about attending to hear him.... Boo on Me.

Ohh This Global Warming!


What a crazy weekend weather wise. I cannot believe it actually snowed here and we had tornadoes in the same weekend. This weekend was suppose to be a very busy one soo glad it wasn't especially since me and the girls ended up being sick!

My grandparents and parents came over this morning to play with the girls in the snow!

And was our church the only one that had services this morning?! We just knew it was canceled and we were suppose to watch the Nursery.....OPPS!!!

My Mother has got to be the only person who wears heels over to play in snow! She hates wearing flats cause she claims she's too short eventhough she's 4 whole inches taller than me!