Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thrifty Thursday

I went to the Midfield Thrift Store and I never go to that one. It might be the dirtiest one but it's one of the best ones! I scored this set of 2 pictures of Italy and there old I tell ya! They got the tag on the back from Sears,Roebuck & Co.

Then I got this little pictures of a map. I don't know where it's going but for $1.48 whynot.......?

for myself I found a Banana Republic shirt cause I'm wayyy too much of a tightwad to actually shop there!

And yay I'm so glad I didn't pay about $30 for a pair of these at the Nike Outlet. Scotty got mad cause I wouldn't just buy them but I said no i just look at the thrift store some more AND these babies were $ 2.48 and 30% off that!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009's a surprise!

my Aunts gave Aunt Punkin a surprise 4oth party! My other 3 Aunts got Surprise 50th parties but since Aunt pUnkin is the baby they figured they would be to old to throw one by the time her's rolled around!

The was the first surprise party we had to go to Saturday a 40th then on to a 30th but I got no pictures at it....

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sun tanned toes ticklin' the Sand, Cold Drink chillin' in my right Hand

Me & the girls and mom & dad headed out to the beach but of course not without some things happening....

First off a couple of weeks ago my mom called just to ask something about where we were staying..that's when they informed her that the woman she booked with booked us at the wrong place!!! Soo that wasn't gonna work considering we were going with a bunch of people and we wanted to layout on the beach with them! Sooo anyway that lady was very rude and rooms at the Calypso 4th of July weekend are hard to come by!

Anyway, we finally got a room but we lost the bunk beds this time!

We got down there that Sunday an hour and a half before check-in but they said the room is ready then they said.......hold on a minute the ppl that stayed in it before smoked and their not suppose to sooo were gonna clean it real good.(the manager was a smoker and she said ohhh this is bad!)

So they changed they air filter,cleaned furniture, all kinds of things... Eventhough I hate smoke I really thought how bad can it be?!? After beeing in the room 5 minutes I said we can't stay here!!! (oh and did i mention hallie already had a cold and the girl has allergies?!?)

Oh course they pulled the we don't have anymore available and my mom was falling for it! I said oh no this place is huge somebody had to have canceled or something soo we moved from the 2nd floor to the 22nd AND went from a 1 bedroom to a 3!!! yippeee!!

And let me tell you about the about the beach pictures.....

Friday night we had everything together we came in from the beach got everybody ready to head out to take pics on the beach. The girls were in such a good mood too!

Just as we were about to head out the door Hal slipped on the ceramic tile floor and hurt her mouth as was looking at it and blood starting pouring!! And all over her white dress I might add :( luckily it was only a busted lip. So needless to say we had to wait till Saturday night...

She was terrified of the pirate till he made her a poodle :)

Some of my moms friends and me at Angelo's..... and I was reminded why I'm not a fan of this place!

Choo-Choo Train at Pier Park

And Daddy finally made it down there from Chi-Town...he got to go to a Cubs game at Wrigley Field!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Pray for Miss Kate


Happy 4th!!

Happy 4th Everyone!! Me and the girls will be heading up to the lake today to hangout with my in-laws since Scotty,Stacey and Chris are all out of town. And tomorrow were going to the beach with my parents!!! But I'm soo ready to see my husband he's in Chicago been there since Wednesday he'll be back home Tuesday and he's gonna go to class Wednesday night then drive to beach! At least the girls were getting used to him being on night shift so they haven't got too upset about him being gone. So hopefully the beach trip goes as smooth as one will go with 2 youngin's. Well everybody have fun today Ya'll eat some ribs and dessert too!!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Funtimes in the backyard

The Laird's & the Reid's came over to hang out at the house and let the kid's play in the yard.


I think they love each other.......

Of course B.k didn't want any part of the pool....

Time to watch Diego!

She's in my spot...