Tuesday, December 8, 2009

overdue thanksgiving pics

So, here are the only Thanksgiving pictures i took:

One with some of the girls at my dad's side of the family...
they smelled like smoke after that so they then got an outfit change....
And one of hallie outside while we were visiting with Scotty's dad's side of the family.........
And I'm so glad I waited to eat till we got to his dad's side of the family cause that Smoked Turkey was ALL that!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Decorating ideas

Here is some rooms decorated for Christmas I got off Southern Loving's Website. I couldn't find any pictures on there of their current December issue. If ya'll hadn't got ya'll's copy go out and get it you shall not be disappointed :) It's super thick and my favorite is a lake house in Columbiana loveeee it.

I like that these wreaths are on each window simple statement but i like it.

I like this room even if it wasn't Christmas time.. love that floral fabric on those chairs w/ the striped pillow. And I'm always a sucker for bamboo shades.

i like Christmas decorations even more when their not over done. I don't have that much in the living room right now.. but the added stuff is making me feel a bit claustophobic/stressed out feeling haha. i'm not a minimalist but believe their should be a cut off for how much stuff can go in one room!Nothing more Southern than a Magnolia Wreath----To hang your wreath, tie fishing line to the form and loop the line over a finishing nail driven into the top of the window frame. Red velvet ribbon hides the fishing line and nail. Finish with a festive bow.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tennessee Shopping Trip

Here is Toni, Me, and Stacey.

Here is my mother-in-law's suv.

by the way we went shopping again after this..........

us again.
So, last weekend me, my MIL and SIL went on a 4 day 3 night trip to Sevierville to go Christmas Shopping at the Outlets. We met the Tucker girls there (Toni and Becky)!
I did no where near the shopping as my MIL or SIL (in this case) did but I did get some done & scored a new Coach (outlet price my dear's)........ But I'm such a tight wad that purchase is killing me!!!
As I've stated before my MIL has had her Christmas Tree's up (all 9) since early September and the whole house full out. So, of course she stopped at Target on the way there and purchased a small tree to go in our hotel room. She also brought along wrapping paper, ribbon, etc. so we could wrap presents as we bought them. I said thanks but no thanks! I'll wrap the gifts AFTER Thanksgiving, ha!
I wish I enjoyed Christmas nearly as much but truth is when you get married and have kids it becomes so stressful financially that it takes the focus on what the holiday is all about CHRIST and decorating in August/September just wants to make me say Bah Humbug!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hallie is Two!!!

my little, fiesty one is now two year old!
Cinderella's Carriage Bouncer & Slide

my friend Kara over @ http://Reidpartyof4.blogspot.com make the awesome mermaid cake & cupcakes!!

It was a perfect day for a party I think it was the best weather we have ever had for one! Just right!! We always plan on it being warm for Brinley Kate's party in April & it usually ends up a bit chilly & windy. All in All great day except we were missing Granna & BoBo who were cruising in Mexico!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween Night 2009

So here is my little Raggedy Ann and The Postal Worker.... Brinley Kate picked this out of a magazine months ago it was a toss-up b/w that and the UPS man but she ultimitely she decided on this! As for Hallie she had to wear sister's hand-me-downs... I know bummer right....? But that how it goes cause momma here is cheap! Most of their clothes are secondhand anyway so who cares if it comes from sister or a stranger!?!?

We made a pitstop at my grandparents fall festival first of course they wanted to see the kids and they were in need of kids! You see they only have about 10 or a little more attendees every Sunday....

We opted this year to go to our church's Fall Festival we have never been so wanted to check it out. Sooo yeah it was like a carnival alot of rides,concession stands the works! As usual we did it big!
B.K refused to wear her mailbag & hat when we got there although I don't blame her on the hat she has a big head like daddy & it didn't fit all that well....
Think we might just go with old fashioned trick-or-treating next year (we didn't get enough candy for my liking!). Although we saw a few ppl from church it was alot of ppl that didn't go to our church that we didn't know. I was hoping for B.K to be able to spend time with ppl from her SS class but too many ppl there to find anybody. Were talking thousands of people!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pumpkin Patch 2009

Of course when you have kids you hafta go to the Pumpkin Patch every year... well this year was no different!
Both of the girls really enjoyed it this year especially the ponies!!!

Hallie, Cousin Shelby, Brinley Kate

On the Hayride- My Aunt Punkin,B.K, Amber(my cousin's fiance'),Shelby,Granna(mil)& Hallie

But to me the funnel cake was the best part...........

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hallie's been in mommy's mascara....AGAIN!

Hallie girl can't seem to stay out of my makeup! Or anything else for that matter. She's a very sneaky little booger who won't keep her clothes on so therefore takes her diaper several times day and at some point will poop/pee in my floor! I've tried to find solutions to this problem but have yet to.......... Oh and the other thing i've found her doing is dipping her princess teacup in the toilet and trying out the toilet water which she seems to like! This child is CRAZY!

Monday, October 5, 2009

I love consignment sales!

This was my 4th consignment sale of the season! 2nd I've sold stuff at & then in return got to shop early at ;) and let me tell ya'll this was by far the best one! mt.vernon was where is was at guys!

Smocked dresses & outfits!

holiday outfits galore!

And indian, Cinderella Wedding and minnie mouse outfit.... hey they were cheap whynot???

A doggie dress for Hal and u know B.K needed another bama outfit (yeah right!)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Start of Fall


I know I'm way behind on the blogs! Soooo it is now September and Brinley Kate has since started preschool, the preschool choir at church,football season has started and my mother-in-law has officially had her Christmas decorations up for over a week.

I haven't had many chances to blog well since i have a child named Hallie and haven't had a moment without her in say a while. So I'm now blogging on a commercial break from Grey's...

Brinley kate's First Day of Preschool :( sniff,sniff

ballet class w/ Ms. Heather!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Alabama Adventure

Summer's coming to an end and not sure if we got our money's worth out of Season passes as we thought we would !

hagen giving Shelbs a push

She wouldn't let mommy catch her only Aunt Punkin or Cara

Worn out and time to go home!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thrifty Thursday

i'm barely making it for thrifty thursday this week.. down to a few minutes!

i've been wanting a lamp with a clear base but all the one's i've found are around $200 and target is STILL out of stock of their fabulous one! Sooo I picked these up at the local thrift store this week. (I left the nasty lamp shades at the store..YUCK!)

And here are the lamps now with a little spray paint! I also picked up that little birdy at the thrift store.
These were a doosie to paint since i had to paint that dang pole on the inside!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


This was B.K's lastnite of gymnastics! I'm not sure how much she learned but..she had fun!
Now it's on to dance it starts tonight her and shelby are so pumped!


And cousin Abby and her friend brooke came to watch too