Tuesday, December 8, 2009

overdue thanksgiving pics

So, here are the only Thanksgiving pictures i took:

One with some of the girls at my dad's side of the family...
they smelled like smoke after that so they then got an outfit change....
And one of hallie outside while we were visiting with Scotty's dad's side of the family.........
And I'm so glad I waited to eat till we got to his dad's side of the family cause that Smoked Turkey was ALL that!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Decorating ideas

Here is some rooms decorated for Christmas I got off Southern Loving's Website. I couldn't find any pictures on there of their current December issue. If ya'll hadn't got ya'll's copy go out and get it you shall not be disappointed :) It's super thick and my favorite is a lake house in Columbiana loveeee it.

I like that these wreaths are on each window simple statement but i like it.

I like this room even if it wasn't Christmas time.. love that floral fabric on those chairs w/ the striped pillow. And I'm always a sucker for bamboo shades.

i like Christmas decorations even more when their not over done. I don't have that much in the living room right now.. but the added stuff is making me feel a bit claustophobic/stressed out feeling haha. i'm not a minimalist but believe their should be a cut off for how much stuff can go in one room!Nothing more Southern than a Magnolia Wreath----To hang your wreath, tie fishing line to the form and loop the line over a finishing nail driven into the top of the window frame. Red velvet ribbon hides the fishing line and nail. Finish with a festive bow.