Thursday, February 26, 2009

On my good behavior...

While Brinley Kate was on the Phone with another 2-year-old today she started telling her about Barack Obama. Am I influencing my 2 year a little much? bahaha. She's so proud cause she knows the presidents name and I even keep my trap shut. No need to preach to my 2 year old why she should vote conservative and that I couldn't stand the policies of our new president or congress. Or should I.....? I reckon I'll get her a Weepublican shirt soon enough.

Our pastor has called for fasting one day a week till Easter (which is 7 wks).

Did I mention how pumped I was that my Baptist preacher mentioned fasting?!?

Scotty knew I was beaming with exitement during the service. I always harp on how the Baptists leave out things & that being one of them. Just another reason why I just Pastor Kevin! He ain't afraid to be a little Bapticostal..... Today's the first day of Lent which I have never observed but my Catholic sista's do. But from what I know about it think we other denominations should observe it to I read in the newspaper today that a few baptist churches in the area are starting to observe it.

I'm really tired of my husband working and going to school full time! I need to see my other half!But call us crazy but I'm thinking of going back to school too....

If only I would finally know what I want to be when I grow up!

I'm a consignor in the "Bargains On The Bluff" so I get to shop early tomorrow I hope I find some fabulous deals!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Here is some pics of the girls from this past weekend. Scotty has basketball games on Sunday and this time they played at Hayden Elementary so there was a playground there! Since BK kept running out on the court interrupting the game telling Daddy it was time to go we decided to go play! Hallie might be small but I'm a tellin' you she can play with the big kids!

So lastweek I realized our dryer was coming on and getting really hot whennnn I wasn't turning the thang on. Ummm... can you say SCARY?! It could have possibly burned the freakin' house down! Soo I had somebody to come look at it today....yeah I think my dryer scared him. When he pulled it out he told me to come look there were sparks flying and it had lightning going on he said my dryer was plain crazy. Soo after paying for that visit all for him to tell me it was probably just be better to get a new one! Gahh that's not exactly something I'm pumped up to buy.

On another note I'm trying to get rid of at least the stuff the girls have both worn so I decided to sell stuff at Bargains on The Bluff. I'll give them Methodist props its one organized deal they got going on. But as of right now I have about 100 items I'm selling sooo I've printed about half the tags, pinned them on clothes, put them on bags with packing tape,and stuck myself with pins a zillion times. AND their all over the house along with scissors, packing tape, my pale green tags, hangers, ziplock bags etc. My husbands about to shoot me!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Soo here's a recap of my week. I've been gone everyday and everynight this week but can't recall where all I've been at the moment. Monday I decided to take the kids to Watermark myself! Is there something wrong me?!? D-i-s-a-s-t-e-r! But did manage to grab some good stuff for BK. Wednesday, I took Hal to the doctor my mom and BK went too. Here's what went down: A mom comes in right behind us with her two boys around 7 and 8. She seemed like she had a bad attitude from the moment she came in, it seemed her boys could do nothing right in her eyes. So we were sitting across from them and anyone who knows my youngest child knows she can't sit still! Sooo I let her walk a little on the floor.. well she took off as fast as she could crawling. So my mom went to get her and held her hand as she walked her back. Soo the lady with the boys starts talking to them and pointing at my child and saying this: "OMG I would never let ya'll have got down on this nasty floor that is so disgusting people let their kids do that!" Welll I'm in shock and biting my lip hard and about that time they call "Haley" as they say it. My mom didn't here it or she might have came unglued I'm really surprised I didn't whoa did that tick me off! How dare her?! I'm a germaphob in my own right but that was just rude!Ok enough with my rant about that! After they doctor I went to a consignment shop in Vestavia where I scored several smocked dresses! Somebody has just brought them in! Today I went to the Mt.Vernon Kingdom Kids Consignment Sale where I got some really great stuff including another smocked dress and some PuddleJumpers sandals. Thennn I went to my favorite place TARGET! I got a bathcabinet 75% off that means $99.99 on for $24.99! (I'll post pics when DH gets it put hasn't got it out of the car yet) I also got a Sweet Canvas picture for a little of nothing thats getting put up for a dirty santa gift :) Yea for Sales!I can't post pics on the computer so I'll do that on the next one. Holllaa

Friday, February 6, 2009

Room Redo

I scored this two little finds for BK's room at no other than Target lastnite that place never lets me down. I'm hoping they will work over her bed if not I'll find another place for them.

For Christmas we turned her crib into a big girl bed but her room is sooo tinky too much furniture and not enough room! We had her bed against the wall with the window but that felt too crowded so we moved it this way the other night and I'm not too sure about it ? Not many options.