Sunday, October 3, 2010

A short Trip to The Goodwill

This was my second trip to the Fairhope Goodwill. The first time I purchased some Anne Taylor dress pants and some things for house but they had tons of cute matching pictures when I was there! So...second time I went back couple days later not  many pictures left so I got some clothes! Top:$2.29 Jeans:$4.29

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

One Night Stay

A week and a half ago we took a one night trip to Panama City aka P.C.
Scotty's sister and mother were staying there so we left after B.K got out of school that Friday and had to come back the next morning for a birthday party.

Short trip but I guess it was worth it just to get to do some of the rides at Pier Park and eat at Margaritaville.  It took us about 2 1/2 to get there...Not Bad ehhh?

Hallie w/ her giraffe hat on right before I burned it in our candle :(
But we do have Gulf Shores just 45 minutes away soo we'll probably be hanging out there more. But I do love Pier Park!Me,B.K and Sydney

Friday, August 20, 2010

Design Decisions

Here is some different ideas I am thinking about for our Kitchen. See what you think!
I love these barstools! They cost a fortune normally but saw them on Overstock $109.00 for Two! Regular $549.99
I suppose I could do white barstools too but I don't think I like these with the "X".
Soo.. I am trying to decide what to do with my I said before hubs won't let me paint the cabinets white. So, I'm trying to lighten it up with my cabinets being walnut.

I believe this was the kitchen in one of my mags. a few months back just lovin' the wall color/backsplash in grays.
Up close of backsplash...I love classic subway tile
 I am gonna paint my table (it is light wood now so I'm thinking antique white??) But don't want my chairs to match it...but don't know if I want to do them black or not?!? I am what you would say "Wishy Washy"....

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Mi Casa

Here are some pics of the new Casa aka My blank Canvas! Let's see what I can so with the place...
I dreamed of a white cottage style kitchen with white subway tile and all so I trying to see where I want to take it with these cabinets...

I see lots of molding for Scotty to put up in his near future :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

Wishing my wonderful hubby, Dad, & Grandad aka Pops a fantastic Father's Day! Here's to 3 great men!!!
We did not get to spend Father's Day with Scotty and he wasn't here for Mother's Day either so I guess we are even. But he is back safe and sound in the States. Hopefully, it will be a while before he has to go back to either Europe or either Australia....

Friday, June 18, 2010

B.K's Preschool Graduation

My Brinley Kate graduated from 3K! I can't believe my little girl is going to be in 4K next year she's getting so old.

On stage singing some songs.. She was being bashful:)

My Brinley Kate & Hallie Faith~

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Meeting the Queen of Yard Sales & Thrifting

In May, I got to meet one of my favorite bloggers! My mother's church was having a community outreach for women in the community and asked Rhoda to come speak and she said yes!! My friend Heather, first introduced me to her blog well over a year ago and I've been hooked ever since. She does her own home renovating on a budget with thrift store and yard sale finds. She always is giving new ideas on ways to redo something that I probably would not have ever thought of.

Here she is with her table of yard sale finds... She got a new lampshade for the lamp & painted the table blue....
Loved meeting you Rhoda :)

Monday, May 31, 2010

My Babygirl Turns 4!

I've gotta alot of catching up to do when it comes to blogging. Our current living state is not ideal for getting on the computer (its in my parents creepy basement). So here's what ya'll have missed!

Brinley Kate turned 4! I really do not want her to get any older I like having toddlers/preschoolers not school age kids! She had a big party at Froggys to celebrate.

Cake by Kara & Bree Reid

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hi there! Yes, it's me Megan. I know it has been awhile but I'm finally here again.
Things have happened since the last time I blogged. Let's see we sold our house (Praise The Lord!) what a stess relief! We had Easter, B.K's birthday, Moved in with my parents, My B'day, and most recently Scotty left for Germany.
Soo eventhough I think I thought I might have more time to blog and stuff while living back with my parents...I thought wrong! My parents house is I guess averaged sized but with the added stuff and added people it's quite cramped. I'm ready for us to find a house get back to our routine you know the one where the kids slept in their own beds and I actually went to sleep with my husband in the bed too?!? But that will have to wait 5 more weeks till he comes back from Europe......
So we have started the house hunting process. We did not do too much of this when we bought our first house we picked the neighborhoods we liked and went from their. It's different this time we know more of what we like and don't like but mostly it is about having enough room to accomodate us as a family. Ouch! The prices in Spanish Fort are outrageous by my standards anyway.... Were are looking there and Daphne so we will see! I guess I can be a tad picky when it comes to certain things about homes or I know what my husband will fix and what he won't ! ha
At some point I will put some pics up of the recent events in our lives!!! But it's hard to do that when yo mama is always screaming at you to get your child! Peace Out Girl Scouts.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Squeezing every dime and realizing you don't have to look cheap to be cheap!

  • Yes, Moms its that time again Consignment Sales and next week is Cottontails. I am so pumped about today hopefully I won't be let down...I am a seller and a worker at the Mt.Vernon sale to shop early!! I contributed 287 items so hopefully I at least I break even! ha ha.

    So here are just some of the upcoming sales (some might have already passed):

    Gardendale Mt.Vernon United Methodist -Kingdom Kids ConsignmentSale Info

    Kids Wear Plus -Hoover Gallery Shopping CenterSale Info

    Bluff Park United Methodist -Bargains on the BluffSale Info

    Riverchase United Methodist -TNT SaleSale Info

    Homewood:Kids Market and Mom -Former Academy Sports, Wildwood Center *** New LocationSale Info

    Trinity United Methodist -Lil Lambs ConsignmentSale Info

    Hueytown:Pleasant Ridge Baptist ChurchElite RepeatsSale Info

    Garywood Assembly of God -Twice Blessed SaleSale Info

    BAMOM – Birmingham Area Mothers of Multiples -Twice as Nice SaleSale Info

    Liberty Park:
    Liberty Crossing United Methodist -Ready Set GrowSale Info

    Oak Mountain:
    Asbury United Methodist -Giggles and GraceSale Info

    Trussville United Methodist -Growing Kids Consignment SaleSale Info

    Vestavia Hills United Methodist Church -Whale of Sale

    Mountain Chapel United Methodist -Kids’ KornerSale Info

    Mountaintop Community Church -Market on the MountainSale Info

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'm bacccck

Yes, I know. I've been away awhile... I just haven't slowed down enough to blog. I'll tell ya it's been pure craziness around here!

Let me start here: Back in the summer when the economy was tanking and Scotty thought he might lose his job he applied for a job in Calvert,Al (sort of north of mobile).Well, it was months before he heard anything... Then he went down there to interview. It was another long while before he received an offer it was pretty much the same as he makes now. Which did NOT make me want me leave babysitters and everything I know. So..he countered it and a month & a half later (right before Christmas)went by till he heard they countered back with a little less than that and he accepted.

When he first got serious about wanting to take this job I couldn't talk about it without bursting into tears. I finally got past that but now I just think I must have lost my mind to leave all my babysitters behind! It's a weird,scary and exciting feeling since I've never left the 35062 zipcode.

So.. since after Christmas we have been cleaning out our house, painting, new tile,hardwood floors,calling preschools down south etc...... It finally went on the market last Friday, we moved Scotty in Saturday in Spanish Fort and we had our first showing on the house today!

Oh yeah I forgot to mention about that..... Scotty moved down Saturday but I wanted B.K to finish school & dance here so he went on down without us. He has to go to Germany for 6wks starting on May 3rd so we might as well wait till the summer to move in! But living without a hubby for like 7 months might get a little old.......